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    Why Us?

    Our staff have great experience in managing larger client groups from China and Hong Kong and understand the specific needs of this market well.

    Our event planners are based in and have an un-paralleled knowledge of the UK meaning that your event is being planned by experts in the country you are hosting the event.  With the UK being Destination GB’s sole focus, you will only get the best that your chosen location has to offer.

    Through our knowledge of the UK we have an exceptionally broad set of services and facilities for any occasion or event and in any place in the UK.

    Our insistence on the highest quality is central to what we do and the facilities we recommend and the services we provide reflect this.

     Our insistence on quality is extended to our levels of customer service which include a dedicated project manager and Director level oversight for every event.

     Your project is unique and we treat it as such, our knowledge of the UK is combined with a creativity that ensures we provide the right option for YOU.

    We love what we do and this comes across in our work, we are enthusiastic to provide the best event we possibly can for you and regularly go the extra mile to ensure that we do.

    We consider your project to be the most important thing we do and we treat it as such, if you want a partner with an un-paralleled knowledge of the UK, the highest standards of quality in their work and services, a creative and original approach to making your event special and a level of enthusiasm and support that is second to none then look no further.  You’ve found us.

    Our Expertise

    With years of industry experience, Destination GB’s expertise stretches well beyond the normal boundaries. Operational excellence of basic ground handling functions such as organisation of hotels, transfer arrangements and multi-day event project management is a given.

    But the real reason for choosing Destination GB is our superlative service levels, working closely with our clients to ensure added value to every part of the programme. Our staff is there to serve, ensuring an enhanced quality of service delivery well in advance of industry norms.

    The Destination GB experience is truly Five Star.

    Our relationships allow for us to create and tailor unique experiences. The ability to utilise our contacts to create that ‘something unique’ allows for us to offer truly inspiring experiences.

    Our Approach

    • Understanding your needs – We spend time with you to fully understand your requirements, budget and objectives
    • Original thinking – we provide original and innovative ideas to make your event stand out and to save you money
    • Flexibility – we apply an extremely flexible approach to our service.  Whether that be convenient hours of working or late changes to itineraries we can cope with  your demands
    • Dedicated senior level support – we dedicate a project manager to your event and have Director level oversight from start to finish
    • Best pricing – We recognise that in times of austerity, budget is an increasingly important issue so we actively work to maximise the value of  money whilst never compromising the quality of your event
    • Communication – we guarantee a response  to any email by 9am the next working day in your location
    • Post event review – we believe it’s important to learn from experience and will work with you to review your event and help measure whether it achieved it’s objectives and identify areas of strength and improvement